Born 1982 in New Hampshire. Lived in Maine, then Rhode Island. BFA at Rhode Island School of Design. Now living in the Austin area of Texas with my husband and son.

Common themes present in my more current artwork include:

The natural world and the human perception upon it.

Older themes from past works include:

The supernatural world, isolation, fear, death and transparency, nostalgia.

I draw on my own life experiences growing up on a farm in rural New England.

I make everything by hand, from tissue paper negatives to painstakingly drawn and cut paper dioramas, which I photograph or contact print using traditional and antique darkroom techniques. I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of working with my hands and honing my craft.

My life-sized horse "negative" created from a painting.

My life-sized horse "negative" created from a painting.

I enjoy the authenticity that photography lends to a subject, which is why I am drawn to creating fake or fantasy-like tableaus. I feel like I am creating an entirely new world.